Fall 2003 Session

: 1300 Linear Algebra 1 A04, Sasho Kalajdzievski: Fall 2003 Session

   By Robert Craigen on Wednesday, August 20, 2003 - 11:44 pm: Edit Post

Welcome to the latest incarnation of Vector Geometry and Linear Algebra, the main rendition of "Linear Algebra I" at the University of Manitoba, taken annually by well over 1000 students.

Feel free to take part freely in these discussions. Although the professors may visit these pages and answer your questions periodically, you also might get free advice and help from each other, and see what concerns other students in the class may have.

Slanderous, profane or irrelevant postings or those not showing appropriate respect for others will be removed. If there is too much abuse, this discussion page will be closed.

Use these pages to communicate with others in the course: set up study groups, arrange car pools (so that you can attend class and exams), ask questions about homework, share information you find helpful with others, and so on.

Try to keep discussions separated logically by starting a new thread when you have something new to discuss, and by using the existing threads when your post fits into one.

Linear Algebra is one of the great fields of mathematics and an important thing for students in many disciplines to learn. Try to catch the "big ideas" and not to be too intimidated by the large classes. Most students of average ability find it is not too hard to master the methods of this course, but be forewarned: more than for any math you've learned so far, Linear Algebra requires lots of routine practise! Don't expect to make up for lack of effort during the term in the last week before the exam -- regular homework is the best way to learn this material.

Although many of you will find this course a little bit elementary, and others will find it hard to get motivated because it is perhaps a bit distant from your main field of interest, there are plenty of interesting jewels to discover in Linear Algebra. You will find that you learn best when you enjoy what you learn -- so ENJOY!

I'll be administrating these discussions, although Prof Zorboska is our course coordinator this term.



Dr. R. Craigen
Dept. of Mathematics