Is there any unofficial score so far?

: 131.151 Calculus 1 for Engineers: Is there any unofficial score so far?
   By Anonymous on Monday, November 28, 2005 - 09:55 pm: Edit Post

Hello, doctor Sasho;

I'm just wondering does the unofficial score come out yet? If it does, you think is that alright to post it out so that we can have a better idea how we have been doing so far. By the way, i just wanna know will you curve this course? Thanks a lot for your time!

   By Sasho on Tuesday, November 29, 2005 - 08:21 am: Edit Post

All tests/midterm exam papers have been returned and so everyone should know his/her personal score out of the 45%. There are no marks at this point.

There is no substantial "curving" in this course; rarely in any math course.

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