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pages 166-67

Find all points x=a where the function is discontinuous. For each point of discontinuity, give the limit of the function as x approaches a.

11. p(x)= x^2 - 4x + 11

13. p(x)= |x+2|/(x+2)

(b) Find any points of discontinuity
(c) Find the limit from the left and from the right at any point of discontinuity

{1 if x 4

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The part that got cut off was question 17 on page 157. It keeps getting cut off while i type it out.

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11. Polynomial: continuous everywhere.

13. Discontinuous at x=-2 (where the denominator is 0). Reason: the function does not exist there.

limx->-2+p(x)=1 (the absolute value does not do anything in this case).

limx->-2-p(x)=-1 (the absolute value puts a "-" in front of (x+2) in this case).

17. No textbook around me; perhaps some symbol is misinterpreted when you type; use words at that place (in place of symbols).

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